Coronado Dons' Band "A Tradition of Excellence"
Coronado Dons' Band"A Tradition of Excellence"

Important Information

Marching Band Uniform:              
Students are issued a school-owned uniform that includes a coat, jumpsuit, gauntlets, and a shako hat to wear for marching performances.  The uniform is kept at school in between football games and other performances.





Band Camp:


The cost of band camp is $75.  This includes meals, snacks, water and other items necessary to keep your student safe and healthy in the heat.  The camp fee is due the first day of full Band Camp – July 30, 2018.  Band Camp is a mandatory fee.


Shoes, Gloves and Flip Folders:   Shoe and glove orders will go to Mr. Lee and payment submitted through the Coronado Bookstore.  Each student will be responsible for ordering the correct shoe and glove size.  Complete orders and payments of $36 must be submitted before an order is made.  Orders are due the first full day of Band Camp – July 30, 2018 and payment is due August 7, 2018.


Fair Share: Each band member must pay for his or her fair share of band costs.  The cost for 2018 is $130 and covers one t-shirt, truck rental, and our additional band staff.  The Fair Share is due the first full day of Band Camp – July 30, 2018.  Fair Share is a mandatory fee (a payment plan is available if necessary).



Field Trip: 

A $50 Field Trip Fee needs to be paid to the bookstore at Coronado High School by August 7, 2018.  If you choose, this $50 fee may be claimed as school tax credit on your income tax return, but must be paid by each student regardless of whether or not you choose to claim it as a tax credit. This fee helps cover contest registration and transportation costs.  Due at registration are also class fees.  The class fee for marching band is $40 and the class fees for Percussion, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble are $20 a semester. The class fees cover new music, software, and other purchases. Class fees are paid at registration.


Instrument Rental:  All students who use school instruments will need to pay a $50 usage fee for each school instrument used.  This fee is paid in the Coronado Bookstore.  Students who qualify for free and reduced lunch can have the rental fee waive. Instruments cannot be checked out until the required form is filled out and signed and the fee paid or the waiver signed. This fee can be paid now to enable student to check out instrument for the summer, but must be paid prior to band camp in order to use an instrument for band camp.







 Ordered by 7/30/2018


Gloves (regular)

Ordered by 7/30/2018



Band Camp

Food, Utilities,





*Fair Share

Equip Truck


Dot Book

Uniform Cleaning



*Field Trip

Payable to the Bookstore



(New students & returning students needing replacements)


($86.00 to Bookstore / $205.00 to Boosters)


Returning students requiring no replacements)


($50.00 to Bookstore / $205.00 to Boosters)




The items with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fees and will be charged to EVERY band member.


The other items will only apply if your student is new this year, or needs replacement.


The boosters will offer a payment plan for booster fees. Reminder that class participation fees will be part of school registration.  Percussion deduct cost of gloves from the bookstore fee. Guard fees will be similar, but yet to be finalized.




Return completed forms by July 23, 2018





                        Mr. Bret Lee, Director of Bands


Coronado High School


7501 E. Virginia Avenue


Scottsdale, AZ  85257




Band Camp payments are due by July 30, 2018 to: 


Lori Dickman


c/o Coronado Band Boosters


P.O. Box 3345


Scottsdale, AZ  85271-3345


Though there are multiple costs associated with band, please do not let this deter you from allowing your son/daughter to participate.  The benefits from participating in band far outweigh the fees.  We will work with you on the fee payment schedule


Other Expenses to consider:


Class participation fees as assessed by SUSD
Girl’s black dress shoes for concert attire
Boy’s black dress shoes and socks for tuxedos
Professional Photographs
Admission to football games for family and friends
Band Booster membership
Band Booster polo shirts or t-shirts
Professional video tape of competitions
Band Day t-shirts 


Welcome to Coronado Dons Band

2018 Band Enrollment is now open! Learn more about our award winning marching band  and special events taking place this year!. Interested in joining Coronado Dons Band? Please contact us today. We look forward to talking to you!





Mr. Bret Lee, Director of Bands

Coronado High School

7501 E. Virginia Avenue

Scottsdale, AZ  85257

(480)329-4091 (Office)

(641)691-1486 (Cell)





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    B.A.C.H. Officers  

        2018 - 2019



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Eunice Black



Jimmy Halsey



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